Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello SunSed UI SunSed UI is a love letter to HTML. The simplicity of HTML structure hand in hand with its versatile and expandable syntax is the reason why SunSed UI is designed by expanding on HTML syntax and idealogy, instead of adding yet another way.

We are taking the web back to the first days of its design. Before when every element was built just with divs, HTML was marking up each component with its own tag. This is the idealogy that SunSed UI is built on.

SunSed UI is not perfect yet, but even at its infancy it checks all the important boxes: it’s easy to master (it’s HTML on steroids), it’s clean to write and read (less lines of code), and it’s expandable.

format_size Typography palette Color shadow Shadows visibility Visibility
label Chip account_circle Avatar emoji_symbols Icon image Image linear_scale Progress
crop_square Container view_week Row grid_on Grid table_rows Table layers modal dock_to_bottom Drawer
link Links smart_button Button app_badging Badge edit_square Textfield and Textareas check_box Choice arrow_drop_down_circle Select linear_scale Range
Navigations / Menus
menu Site Nav dropdown Dropdown horizontal_split Footer horizontal_rule Toolbar more_horiz Breadcrumb
The Lists
list Lists view_timeline Timeline team_dashboard Cards unfold_more Accordian
width_wide Intro/Heros code Code team_dashboard People team_dashboard Features team_dashboard Products/Services
width_wide Warning width_wide Information team_dashboard Snack