SunSed CloudSunSed is an upcoming all-in-one cloud platform with a new integrated programing language to create websites, blogs, and web apps faster and with less complexity.Core Version Launching Q1, 2023 — in Development for Over 5 Years

Why SunSed?

The complexity of current solutions is maddening and what they call easy is not always simple. Unfortunately, over the past 15 years, all the advancements in programming and application development have been optimized to ease fortune 500 companies' problems. In most cases, for them, simplicity is not even an option. But we believe that their solutions are only exceptions, a necessity at their scale. It should never be used by fortune 5 million companies because they'll lose their most important competitive advantage: simplicity and speed of development.

If you look at any successful tech company that started before 2005, you will notice that their service or product and even the tools they used to create it were relatively more straightforward. Over time they needed to fix problems by making specific tasks easier for them at the expense of making things more complicated. That is the recipe for success; you want to start with a solution that helps you grow fast, and then once you are successful, you will have the resources even to bend the programming language you are using — just like Facebook's attempt at the Hack programming language.

SunSed aims to be simple and easy, but we always choose simplicity whenever we are forced to choose between the two. For example, compared to Ruby language, sometimes to accomplish the same thing, you need to write more code in SunSed but, SunSed's code is simple to read, understand and master!

Even when it comes to more complex and more prominent applications, SunSed shines with its simple approach to libraries of modular functions that are easy to test and document. Imagine a platform where you can quickly master it and then use your precious time to create many applications (instead of one) and easily maintain them. In short: SunSed increases your chance of success!

SunSed Core | Q1 2023 Launch

Upcoming Features of 2023

* To ensure all the features/services of SunSed Cloud will be up to our standard, we will be releasing features and services gradually over the following months. | © SunSed, LLC, 2013-2023